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Do I have to be home while you clean?

No, most of our customers are not home while we clean, this increases our efficiency.

All move in/out cleans, one times and large jobs require a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the estimated total at time of booking.

Why do you require 48 hours cancellation time or a $48 dollar service charge?

When you call “Sparkling Clean” to schedule cleaning time, we make sure to organize travel time, teams and equipment, we reserve time so we can serve you. We understand that cancellations will occur and are always happy to accommodate you. The “48 hour or $48 dollar” cancellation policy ensures continual business and that our time and efforts are not wasted. When customers cancel without giving 48 hours notice, we lose business. If customers constantly canceled without providing at least 48 hours notice, it would be very hard for us as a company to efficiently serve our clients. The business works for everyone because you can rely on us to be at your house for your scheduled, reserved time, and we can rely on you to provide the correct information so that we can serve you better. Our cancellation policy* allows us to serve our clients more efficiently by allowing the company to be more organized and offer service to those who need it.

How should I let my team in?

We will accommodate any method that works for you, but our preferred method is to keep a key at the office. Garage door codes, key under the mat, key at the office, someone there to let us in; any method preferred by the customer can be accommodated. However please remember our cancellation policy is in effect, if we don’t have a key and you forget to let us in.

Who has access to the keys to my home?

If you choose to trust our company with the keys to your home, the company owner will keep the keys locked in the office and will give them to the team leader on the day of your cleaning. The keys are returned to the office once the work day is over.

If I sign up for long-term service, will the same person be in my home each time?

Often the same team that was there last time will be there again. Although, teams are subject to change upon occasion. If you have a favorite team we would be happy to try and accommodate you and have your preferred team come to your home.

Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?

No. Sparkling Clean provides all cloths, cleaning products, mops and equipment. We have vacuums with state of the art HEPA filters, but if you have a built in vacuum, we are happy to use that as well. We also use “new and improved” cleaning technology, check out our sonic scrubber!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Cleaning can be one time, weekly, bi weekly or monthly. There is no obligation, we prefer to earn our customers continued service through hard work, trust and superior results. Please refer to our cancellation policy below for details on cancelling or rescheduling cleanings. 

Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?

No. Sparkling Clean is willing to accommodate your needs. If you want us to concentrate solely on dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms and kitchens and prefer to tidy up an area yourself, go for it. If you need help getting rid of some clutter, of putting toys away, we can do that before we get to the “real” cleaning too. Sparkling Clean will also fill up and turn on your dishwasher, take out the garbage and do any pots you need cleaned. Whatever the job, Sparkling Clean can do it all!

What if something gets broken when my home is cleaned?

All our employees are extremely careful with customer belongings to ensure no damage occurs in the first place. Although, if damage or breakage does occur, we will make every effort to replace or repair the item or offer whatever compensation you require.

What should I do with pets during the house cleaning?

For efficiency purposes, most pets are happier when put outside or in a room/kennel while we clean. All our employees have pets of their own and will not be afraid to interact with your pets while they get the job done.

What should I do with my valuables?

Any extremely valuable, irreplaceable belongings should be put away in a cabinet or closed drawer for extra safety precautions. All our employees are extremely careful with breakables and do not move delicate ornaments without permission.

Should I tip my house cleaner?

Tips are never mandatory, they are based on good service. If we have shown you superior service, of course we won’t refuse your generosity! Our service will be the same with or without a tip, we are grateful to serve you!

Do you have packages?

Our cleaning is based on the individual needs of the customer. We make every effort to ensure each cleaning job is personalized to your individual needs. Because of this system, offering packages is difficult. Please follow the links to see lists of services most often included in house cleaning and commercial services.

If there is a problem with my cleaning, what should I do?

PLEASE DO NOT RE-CLEAN the area yourself, that’s what you hired us for! We make every effort to train our employees to finish every job with a “Sparkling Clean” result. If there is a problem with the cleaning, do not hesitate to call our office at (604) 574-0038, explain your problem to a manager and we will have a team at your house at your soonest possible convenience to correct our mistake. We will re-clean the area until you are satisfied, and free of charge of course!

Why should I choose your company over a competitor?

We employ only professional, trustworthy, and efficient cleaners, and we don’t use temps. All our employees have been trained and are insured, bonded and covered by WORKSAFE BC. Most of our products are environmentally friendly and commercially purchased, which means they can’t be bought from a regular department store, they have to be specially ordered. This means they are more concentrated and clean faster. Also, we equip our cleaners with the latest, most efficient cleaning technology on the market. Our sonic scrubber reaches formerly “hard to reach” places, and our micro fibre cloths make sure no dirt or dust is left behind. Our vacuums have the best HEPA filters which remove 99% of all allergens from the air. Also, our cleaners come with stronger cleaning products just in case. Plus, we offer many deep clean options as well as extended high up dusting, we are proud to offer this service as many companies will not dust areas above their waist! With this combination of trusted, trained professional employees and state of the art equipment, we can ensure a Sparkling Clean result every time.

Are you a member of any organizations?

Yes, we are connected to the Global Cleaning Association, the Langley Chamber of Commerce, the Charitable Business Group, and House Smart/Shell Busey’s

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, call (604) 574-0038 to purchase gift cards in any amount from $179 plus G.S.T. All major Credit Cards accepted.